I retired recently and have been looking for something to do that would make a difference in the lives of others.  After hearing about Little African Girls on NBC, I knew immediately what I wanted to do.  The next day I went to our local  Goodwill store and found pillowcases and yards of beautiful material that will be perfect for dresses and shorts.  I have collected thread, binding and lace over the years and it is finally being used.  I’m having so much fun sewing for a good cause and after posting your website and pictures of dresses I’ve made on facebook, my niece and siter in law want to sew also.  Thank you for all the good you are doing.


Sequim, WA

I just saw on Sewing with Nancy a kit for making the little dresses.  Also, I was able to download the patterns.  I have tons of fabric and can’t wait to get started on my first dress. 


Tampa, FL

Since I saw the segment on NBC Nightly News, I have  set a Community Service Project for a local sewing store. My niece saw dresses in my sewing room and asked about the project.  After she went home, I received a message asking if she could help by ironing the dresses. that way, she could touch each dress and pray for the little girl that will wear it.  i said yes, we take all the help sewing, ironing and praying that we can get.  Thanks for your great work.  We will try to add shorts and other items you need.


Tupelo, MS

I purchased a kit from Nancy’s Notions, and completed 50 dresses and 15 pairs of Britches for Boys and sent them in November.  My husband was impressed when he saw the story on NBC Nightly News and asked me which on did you make?  It was a very good project for me as every time I made one, I wanted to make another, as I thought the finished product was wonderful.  I will continue to send more.


Steubenville, OH

HOW fun!  Just started scheming how to fru-fru these frocks a bit.  Like most of you, probably, I’ve accumulated mountains of fasteners, ribbons, buttons, and trims and only now knowing how to use them.  I’ve discovered my thrift store has many shams.  These cost the same as cases, but offer more hems and casings and have the ruffles that cases don’t.  You can modify the unused seams for use as ties.  Also, I think people use them less so a larger portion of them are new.  I learned of this project on Sewing With Nancy.


Auburn, WA

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