My name is Blair , and I am a 16 year old sophomore from Kentucky. I recently heard about your program, and went to your website to check it out. I am competing in the Miss Kentucky Outstanding Teen pageant this summer, and have chosen to use Little Dresses for Africa as my platform. After I found out what this program was about, and how you helped make these beautiful dresses for little girls in Africa, I fell in love! I have formed a committee and have also appeared at sewing clubs, church’s, and other organizations to speak to them about Little Dresses for Africa, and my mission to make these dresses, and educate others in my community also. I will soon be sending all the dresses to you, I hope you enjoy! We have worked hard on each and every one, as to make sure they are all special! I hope that they bring smiles to the faces of these precious little girls, I know me and my team have had SO much fun making them! Thanks -Miss Teen Heart of the Parks Blair

London, KY

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