Hi Rachel, Thanks for the response. I am excited to be able to work with you. I have attached the completed shipping form per your request. I hope that gives you enough time for shipping. I have six volunteer trips on the calendar for this year. Most of these trips are in different areas. Within the next month or so I will send you request for each of those based on the number of volunteers and the amount of extra weight I can carry.

Also I would be glad to make a donation for the shipping cost from you to me. Please let me know what that is and we will cover it.

What you are doing is an awesome expression of God’s love for these people. I have been working in Africa for nearly ten years now and I know well the struggles and hardships of life there. I have been there through violence and bloodshed as well as natural disasters. Few people in America have an understanding of life there. Few people can understand the difference a simple dress or pair of shorts makes for these children. May God bless you and your organization for what they are doing.

Steve Jones

 Director Autumn Hope Ministries “What man is a man who does not make his world better”?

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