Hi Rachel, THANK YOU, Thank You, for all the lovely little dresses you sent to Gina R. in Mississippi. I am her mother, in Mississippi. LOVED seeing you on the NBC Nightly News. I wish someone could devote a 2 to 3 hour segment to air and let everyone know all about everything you & LDFA does. But, more importantly, GOD KNOWS. And the children who’s lives are being impacted also know. Gina & I looked at each dress, oooohed & awwwed over them on Thanksgiving Day, then re-packaged them. Each one is so special just as each child is so special ! Here is how the distribution of over 550 little dresses you sent us is going. Every dress you sent to us was sent to somewhere for Christmas! These little dresses really could EACH tell a story of their own, couldn’t they – If they could talk ?! Especially after they are received, with such JOY ! Almost 400 dresses are on their way now to 3 orphanages in Haiti, being delivered by a man flying out from Florida, as I write this email. They will be hand-delivered by him and his Christian team for Christmas. Then 108 which got changed from Honduras to Phillipines, (because the children are wearing nothin’ at all in Phillipines) reached Ohio last week, and will be to the Phillipines for Christmas. They are being delivered by a Medical Missions Team of volunteers. Then the rest, (we lost count), 50 to 60 little dresses are going to an orphanage in Mexico – by mailing them to Christian operators of the orphanage. They will reach there by Christmas also. Wanted to thank you and also wish You & Yours a Blessed Christmas Season!

Joey, Mississippi

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