Hi, Ladies!

Thank you for giving me and my kids this opportunity!  We had so much fun this summer filling our idle time with this project!  My 13 year old even had friends over to make some.  My 11 year old son even had fun ironing bias tape.  My 9 year old trimmed threads.  My 2 year old kept me on my toes and my 16 year old offered late night conversations!!  A friend who home schools worked on secveral with her 11 year old daughter for their “home ec” elective.  Collectively, we proudly submit these and humbly ask our Father for blessings on the girls who receive them and on you all who get them to the girls!  What a beautiful call you have answered and I thank you for sharing it with us!!  May God bless you!!!

Love life,

Deb Baker

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