Dear Rachel,
I was so worried about reaching the goal I had set for myself for sewing for Little Dresses for Africa, But my goal of 500 began May 10th, prayers and strangers all came together and I shipped my summer project. So soon you shall receive 13 boxes, 659 dresses, 3 skirts, and 48 boy shorts, plus pockets with prayers and a hundred little dolls.  It was so heart warming for me to be a part of helping so many children, I have already began my ‘winter’ stash, have 24 finished and about 200 started, and the winter is long so will be sure and have a bigger 2011 goal, this goal is including a fund raiser to get them all the way to Africa! You have my guarantee of prayers and God’s Angels watching over you and others on your journey. Please give some of those children a hug a prayer, and a kiss in my name. Thank You Rachel, some day I hope to meet you.
Sincerely with Love and Praise in God’s name,
Tracie Rief

Montrose, Colorado

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