My “little dresses” story started when after three surgeries within one month I was really feeling sorry for my self and pretty depressed. My best friend from Washington State called me one day and said, “After today and what I am about to tell you, you will no longer be having a pity party, but will be back to your happy self and singing”! She had learned about the project from a friend of hers during a knitting group at a priory called St Placid. This all took place around 9AM and by the time I got off the phone call my head was buzzing with ideas! That same day I drove to the thrift store, bought 12 pillowcases, washed, ironed, and made three dresses before days end. And I WAS so happy. You see my sewing room is my sacred space where I practice the verse “be still and know I am God” where I listen for that still small voice within my soul to direct my hands and my heart. Thank you Rachel and team for giving wings to my heart, my soul, and most of all my hands. I was never blessed with children of my own, but I know I have blessed many children in my life,and this just widens that circle even wider! God Bless All That you do!


San Jose, CA

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