This from the Waynewright Community Meals in Wyandotte, MI.  Awesome group feeding tons of locals!  So glad to meet you! Awesome to get the community involved. 

Little Dresses for Africa — Our Newest Partner

We are pleased to be involved with a new area friend, Little Dresses from Africa, an astounding organization that was started by Woodhaven’s own Rachel O’Neill. Volunteers with this organization create beautiful, simple dresses from pillow cases and other basic materials, and through these gifts, they spread a message of hope to little girls in Africa who might otherwise have only a single piece of clothing.  Little Dresses has been helping us on a number of levels, by sharing resources and partnering in community work.  We are even thinking of starting a “sewing circle” during our community meal hours to create some of the adorable frocks! Little Dresses is always seeking volunteers and support, even from non-sewers! To get involved, please contact (734)637-9064 or visit


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