We received this note from the preschool. Ms Jenni typed it up for them.  I have put parts of it below for your to see.  It is so great to see our teachers showing young people how to help others and to be aware of how blessed they are!

Hello.  We made these 11 dresses to help your project.  We are preschool children ages 2-6 years.  We all took turns chalking it out, cutting and helping Ms Jenni sew the dresses on our Hello Kitty sewing machine we got for this project.  All the children helped, even the boys in our class.  We wanted to keep the dresses for us to play with but Ms Jenny told us that some girls have no dresses and that made us very sad.  We want all girls to have a dress to paly with so they can be princesses. 

…Thank you for telling Ms Jenni about this project.  We love Ms Jenni.  If we knew your name, we would love you, too.  We all talked about it in circle time and decided you have a very big heart to help millions of children you do not know. 

…we got to have a beach day after we reached our first goal of making ten dresses.


Big Boxof Crayongs Family Preschool

Blaine, MN

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