Hi, Rachel–I thought I’d tell you about one of the women that has come to sew the little dresses. She has been coming to our church only a short time. She’s a senior, living alone in an apartment. She doesn’t drive. Someone brought her to the last sewing party we had at church. She was born in Argentina, and came to the USA when she was about 20 or so. She shared with me that in Argentina, she and her sister each had one dress, and on washday, they both had to stay in bed because there was nothing else for them to wear. Each dress that she sews is a miniature masterpiece. You can literally see all the love she puts into each dress that she sews, and each dress MUST have a pocket, she says, and it must be perfect, too. I guess the real stunner was when she told me that the little dresses have given her a reason to get up every day. Rachel, I am amazed how the Lord not only blesses the little girls, but ALL of us. I wanted you to know how many lives are affected by this ministry, not just the little girls. We are all blessed. Thank you. with love, Judy

Faith Tabernacle Church

Llockport, NY

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