I’m a 41 year old guy living in a little house in Taylor, Michigan. I get up every morning and go to work like everyone else… I have never been to the villages of Africa… I struggled in my High School Home Economics class to sew a straight line… so how could an organization that makes dresses for girls in Africa make a difference in my life? Simple… it brought me back to God. I was lost for years and I didn’t even know it – my mind and my heart were somewhere else, but now they have been opened to see that God’s work is what matters. As Paster Jeremy said at my church recently (yes, I go to church now too), we in America, by world standards are rich, and it is our job as children of God to use those riches for His work. So for me there is nothing that could have made a bigger difference in my life – Rachel and this organization have put me back on track to the Glory of God. I have been blessed to be involved with Little Dresses for Africa since it first started, and I look forward to continuing to do whatever I can in the name of Jesus.

Steve Miles
Taylor, MI

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