WOW! That is just one phrase I use over and over again when I think about LDFA! It is amazing what God will do with a willing heart! Having been involved pretty much from the beginning of Little Dresses, I am blown away by how this has spread across the land. The thing that I just love is that it is so clearly God’s gig! Rachel consented to be God’s vessel and He has been faithful to bring blessing after blessing to this organization. So often I have felt there was really not much I could contribute in the name of Jesus, outside of my little world, to a world that needs hope. LDFA has blessed me in that way. I likely will never set foot on African soil, but now I feel connected with villages from all over because I have been a part of this ministry. I love packing up dresses and just thinking about the little girls that will be wearing them soon. That makes a difference in my world.

Erie, Michigan

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