Dear Rachael,

One never knows what will happen visiting in an airport with a stranger. How do I find the words to thank you for the most generous gift of sundresses from LITTLE DRESSES FOR AFRICA.

When I went to the posta, it was one of those days when I thought to myself “Am I crazy for taking on this huge task of building and running an orphanage?” I am 70 years old and everyday here presents BIG construction problems especially building “out in the bush.” Then the posta clerk told me I had four big boxes. I could not imagine what it was. Then I saw the return address. You must be an angel sent by God. A special thanks to the lady I met in the Amsterdam airport who told me about your work.

Thank you, thank you…..Asante sana. Those words sound so feeble compared to your gifts for the children. What a treasure. We open the orphanage in July with the open house scheduled for June 25th. Your gifts restored my determination and stamina to keep plugging along and accomplish what I was “called” to do.

You have had a “calling”, too, and you have done an amazing job. The children of Uhekule Village and I send a million thanks. You are welcome to visit. Karibu Uhekule.

Bibi Kay Oursler
Tanzania, Africa

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