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Clean Water, Education & Community

Clean water saves lives immediately. This little girl’s name is Janet.  She wants to be a nurse when she grows up. One well for $5000. serves 3000 people.  $1.66 per person. You can save lives through clean water.  Donate here to the well projects. For kids like Janet.

Education changes the future and stops the cycle of poverty.

Community sustains the change. Little Dresses for Africa works along side the people of the village to address their specific needs through water, education and community.


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Send Down

Song for Africa

Our very own theme song now available on ITunes!

Download it today! Proceeds benefiting “Little Dresses for Africa,” this epic, melodic rock anthem is a true love song for Africa and its people.

An infectious sonic masterpiece, “Send Down” is about paying forward our gifts and blessings.  Contact us to pre-order SEND DOWN video, featuring Erik Grant Bennett, composer, artist and producer.  Hard copy $5. or download today.

Listen Here!

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